Alaska Cruise

Facts on the Alaskan Cruises from Seattle Ship Terminals

The Alaskan Cruise season is now fast approaching; the cruises from Seattle to Alaska are now made available for bookings or reservations. These cruises are part of the transportation services offered here in Seattle apart from its van, limo, town car, shuttle, and taxi services from/to airport then to cruise terminals (Pier 66 and Pier 91) or to hotel then back to the seaports.

Alaska is notable for being the Land of the Midnight Sun due to the long day cruise experience extending from April to September each year. Cruising in Alaska allows you to enjoy the unspoiled natural resources and attractions featured by the last and great frontier of America. The views offered by cruises here not only cover water and ocean, but they include sailing along the College Fjord or Inside Passage with constant view of the glaciers, quaint waterfront communities, wilderness, or mountains. You may also enjoy sightseeing its wildlife any time of the day since it has long daylight hours.


Alaska Cruise  Limo  provides you an opportunity to enjoy the museums and attractions with a theme depicting the Gold Rush History and the Native American Culture, which is also regarded distinctive in the area. All of the cruises and cruise tours here promise to afford you with a variety of tastes for each of these that is dependent on your preferred cruise vacation. The tour is a combination of Alaska Cruise Vacation and Alaska Land Vacation which ranges from 3-18 days enabling you to explore the coastal as well as the interior areas of Alaska. You may go to remarkable places such as Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley. Take part in its culturally rich and very adventurous shore excursions that can be purchased for the completion of the Alaska adventure. It serves as the only way to see the very impressive shoreline of the area along with its interior.

One of those main highlights of Alaska cruise is to experience whale watching, but when really is the right, best time to see these whales? You may be able to see Minke and Humpback Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, orcas, Dall’s and Harbour Porpoises between the months from June and the early part of September. You will have the best time to see the bubble-netting Humpbacks between June and July.  Optional whale watching tours are also made available to take you, your family, or your group of the other passengers onboard a small boat searching for whale pods. This could be a very exciting experience, most especially when the boat’s captain starts to follow a pod and get near to a whale while it dives or comes up from the water for air.

The best way to reach pier 66 or pier 91 ( Seattle seaports)

by Seattle Cruise Limo

Rates from Seattle Airport and (Airport Hotels) to Seattle Cruise Pier 66

1-4 Passenger Town Car            start from: $ 45  per transfer
1-4 Passenger Mercedes            start from: $ 50 per transfer
14 Passenger Executive Van      start from: $ 85 per transfer
7 passenger SUV Suburban       start from: $ 75 per transfer

Rates from Seattle Airport and (Airport Hotels) to Seattle Cruise Pier 91

1-4 Passenger Town Car            start from: $ 50  per transfer
1-4 Passenger Mercedes            start from: $ 55 per transfer
14 Passenger Executive Van      start from: $ 95 per transfer
7 passenger SUV Suburban       start from: $ 85 per transfer

Another spectacular view offered by the Alaska Cruise is the scenery of the glaciers from both sides of the ship as it cruises the Inside Passage and enters the fjords. This scenery is available along its mountains such as Yukon and Mt. McKinley, wildlife including seals and eagles, and wilderness.